Work From Home

Is Now the Time to Buy a Home Based Business?

As the nation's economy continues to struggle and unemployment reaches new highs,many job seekers are looking to new sources of income, such as buying an existing business or finding a home-based business to work from home.

While buying or starting a home-based business may not be the right avenue for everyone, working from home offers distinct benefits that could provide a rewarding career for the right individual. In this article, we'll explore the pros and cons of the home-based business, and provide a few specific business ideas to get you started.

Define Your Goals

The first step in taking any career step is to define your goals. Is your primary motivation for considering a home-based business to get rich, to have a flexible career, or simply to be able to work from home without a commute? Whatever the reason, be honest with yourself about what your goals are and seek the opportunites that would best allow you to achieve them. The most obvious benefits of home-based business opportunities are:

  1. The ability to work from home and avoid a commute
  2. The flexibility to work on your own terms, for the hours you define
  3. The ability to be your own boss, having to answer to yourself

If your goals or requirements include things such as having health care coverage provided by an employer, or having the structure provided by a more corporate environment, then working from home on your own may not be the right answer for you.

Leading Home-Based Business Opportunities

On, we have over two thousand home-based business opportunities listed for sale. The most popular types of home businesses are:

Getting Started

To find the right home-based business for you, visit, select the business location and industry that you have the most interest in, and then select the button that says "Only Show Home-Based Businesses". You can search from home businesses by industry, state, and even county to find the ideal fit for your interests and needs.

Once you've reviewed the various opportunities, you can view specific business opportunities (both established businesses and start-up opportunities), and even contact the seller of the business.

We suggest you conduct a rigorous analysis of the business, making sure the business's income and stability are as advertised, and that you're entering into a business arrangement where you have confidence in your ability to succeed. Then, negotiate a deal and you're on your way.

As mentioned at the outset, a home-based business is not the right choice for everyone, but with enough up-front planning and goal-setting, it could be the key to a successful, fulfilling career.