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Gerald Esmer

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Transferring businesses via fine ethics, experience, education, training, advertising & sales skills

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Peerless Pinnacle typically works for the Seller under a contractual arrangement. In that role, the company finds Buyers for the Seller's business. In addition, Peerless Pinnacle Company often works for Buyers, finding companies that the Buyer to purchase that meet or exceed the Buyer's criteria. Peerless Pinnacle Company is able to offer the services of excellent third party business valuation services, including GCF Valuation, KraftCPAs and others. These services are independent third parties known to fairly and accurately estimate the price of businesses. Thus, these services are valuable in appropriately setting the asking price of businesses, which is one of the most important aspects of selling and / or buying a business. Lenders also use these same services to determine the value of businesses for the purpose of determining the size of the loan that they are able to offer.

Peerless Pinnacle Company serves many areas, but emphasizes Middle Tennessee, Western Kentucky and Northern Alabama.

Please call, e-mail, or fax us today, so that we can begin the Seller - Buyer Matching and the Business Transfer processes.

Since 2001, Peerless Pinnacle Company has been emphasizing quality performance and service in both Main Street Business Brokerage and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A - larger / mid-market businesses). We emphasize doing an excellent and ethical job for our customers and clients, and (practicing continuous improvement) we are always looking for ways to upgrade our performance and service.

Helping Sellers -- We enhance the market value of your business by preparing it professionally for sale. After your initial contact with us, we like to have a confidential face-to-face meeting. We discuss the process by which we reach Buyers while maintaining your confidentiality. We also discuss determining the market value of your business, what information is required for that purpose and to sell the business, and several other topics related to what to expect throughout the selling process. We address any questions or special needs you may have. Our goal is your success in this selling process!

Helping Buyers -- After your initial contact with us, we highly prefer a confidential meeting. We determine your business interests, including preferences and location. We determine your level of financial commitment to this purchase. We discuss the resources used to find suitable candidate businesses for you. We also discuss the process of making an offer, due diligence, and closing. We address any questions or special needs you may have. Our goal is your success in this buying process!

Related Organizations:

Gerald Esmer is active in several professional organizations for many reasons, including:

-The IBBA, M&A Source and others provide extensive education and training,in the Business Brokerage and M&A Intermediary fields, helping Gerald to become outstandingly qualified in his field and forming a key part of the continuous improvement process.

- These organizations provide information on new (and the latest) information and developments in the field, helping meet our goal of providing a higher level of service than can be provided without this investment of time, money and effort.

-These organizations also provide a great opportunity to network and build relationships, not only with other members in the field, but also with all the professionals and organizations with which we interface from time to time.

As a result of his experience, education, training, the sale of many businesses and active participation in these organizations, Gerald has received the following prestigious and highly meaningful certifications:
CBB - Certified Business Broker
CBC - Certified Business Counselor
CBI - Certified Business Intermediary
MMAA - Master Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor
M&AMI - Mergers & Acquisitions Master Intermediary

The organizations in which Gerald is a member include:

-Member, Brokers Network Group (over 100 members). BNG members tend to be highly qualified, veteran, experienced brokers.

-Member, International Business Brokers Association (over 2,000 members). This organization contains members of several other organizations and is the largest organization of business brokers in the world.

-Member, M&A Source (over 400 members). M&A Source is aligned with the IBBA, but is a separate organization for intermediaries working on larger transactions (mergers and acquisitions).

-Member, Association of Professional Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors (APMAA) (approximately 150 members). APMAA is a relatively new organization of M&A Intermediaries. The AM&AA is a fast-growing organization of mergers & acquisitions intermediaries and related professionals.

-Member, Mainsource M&A Network (approximately 30 members). Mainsource is a nationwide group of members who emphasize M&A transactions.

-Member, Axial M&A Online Network (approximately 13,000 members). Axial is a network connecting M&A Intermediaries with a great number of Buyers, including a very high number of Private Equity Groups (PEGs).

-Cooperating M&A Intermediary with Gottesman Company and other similar organizations who represent many Buyers of mid-market businesses.

-Member, American Marketing Association. Gerald is active in the Nashville chapter (NAMA).

Gerald Esmer's more formal education includes:
-MBA, University of Michigan
-MS in Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan
-MS in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
-BS in Electrical Engineering, Michigan State University
-Numerous additional seminars and university courses.

Mr. Esmer is also a member of the following honorary fraternities: Beta Gamma Sigma (Business Administration), Tau Beta Pi (Engineering), Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical Engineering) and Pi Tau Sigma (Mechanical Engineering).

Gerald also benefited from dozens of very worthwhile and relevant seminars when he worked in private industry / corporate America (supervisory, management and executive positions).

Mr. Esmer is also a Managing / Principal Broker of PPC Realty. He is also a Realtor member of the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors. Gerald is a licensed real estate broker in Tennessee and Kentucky. Since many businesses include commercial real estate, Peerless Pinnacle Company is thus able to provide a complete service to our Sellers and Buyers. Mr. Esmer has similarly received and continues to receive extensive education and training in real estate, especially commercial real estate.

Gerald has also been a member for many years (and continues to be a member) of the following respected professional organizations:
-SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)
-IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
-ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

Lydia Esmer is the Secretary-Treasurer of Peerless Pinnacle Company. Her formal education includes:
-BA in Spanish, Wayne State University
-MA in Spanish, Wayne State University (double masters degree)
Ms. Esmer is also fluent in Italian and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. She teaches Spanish part time for Columbia State Community College, including at General Motors (Spring Hill) and other sites. She composes a variety of songs and sings them, and she writes and publishes a rich assortment of poetry.

In addition to fulfilling her specific duties as Secretary and Treasurer of Peerless Pinnacle Company, Lydia supports and assists Gerald in a variety of assignments and tasks.

Areas Served

  • Williamson County, TN

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